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Wesley Snipes told all of his Twitter followers that he wants to shoot another Blade project more than a decade after the last movie in the franchise premiered.
Back in 1998 Wesley Snipes and company managed to amaze everybody with the very first installment in the Blade franchise. Loosely based on the Marvel superhero character Blade became an iconic character among the vampires in the movie industry. The success of the movie brought $131.2 million in the worldwide box office and it spurred the following sequels – Blade II in 2002 and Blade: Trinity in 2004.

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The third installment of the franchise was quite difficult to set up, to film and to produce for the cast and the crew working with Wesley Snipes. As it turns out, the actor wasn’t too keen on working with the crew and some of his co-stars and co-workers cited that he also refused to film scenes and to speak to them directly. Snipes’ behavior was largely criticized and it made everybody’s job on the set of Blade: Trinity a nightmare. However, the now 53 year old actor claims he wants to do yet another Blade movie. There have been numerous rumors about another Blade reboot in the past decade, but nobody has actually taken a step further into engaging with Snipes on another Blade role. Although he clearly wants to reprise his role once again, the final decision for a new Blade movie goes to Marvel Studios. It is believed that even if Marvel are up for another movie, they may not cast Wesley in the main role. The two theories are that nobody wants to handle Snipes’ attitude back from the Blade: Trinity days and that the actor is getting too old to play the superhero. On the other hand, Arnold Schwarzenegger was 67 years old when Terminator Genisys came out last year, so age isn’t really such a big factor.


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