Did You Know That When Mel Blanc was in a coma, he would only speak to his doctor in the voices of …


Mel Blank was the voice behind Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety, Pepe Le Pew and nearly all Looney Toons characters. In 1961 the voice over actor was in a horrible car accident which nearly killed him and sent him into a coma. His wife and son spent weeks next to his hospital bed calling him and begging him to wake up but to no success. The doctors tried everything they could but Mel remained unconscious.


As the treatment wasn’t giving any results, one of Mel’s doctors decided to try something different : he stood next to Mel’s bed and asked him in a casual manner : “Hey, Bugs Bunny, how are you doin’ today? ” To everyone’s dismay, Mel replied in Bugs Bunny’s unmistakable voice : “Myeeh. What’s up, doc?” From then on, Mel Blank started to recuperate slowly but it took more than seven months spent in full body cast for him to fully recover.


One of Blanc’s neurologists later tried to explain his magnificent recovery with the fact that Blanc’s characters were such a big part of the actor’s life that they were “living” in him in a way. Thus, when triggered, his unconscious mind was able to bring them out despite Blanc’s severe brain injury.



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