Did you know that When six year old Elena Desserich was diagnosed with cancer, the little girl started displaying her love by…


In 2007 Elena Desserich died of cancer at age 6. However, she made sure the world would never forget her.


In 2006 Keith and Brooke Desserich from Wyoming, Ohio, were told their older daughter Elena had a rare and inoperable form of brain cancer and that the little girl had only 135 days left to live. The parents were devastated, but didn’t told Elena nor her younger sister Grace about the diagnosis. Regardless, they believe that she somehow knew what was coming.


After Elena died, her family started finding notes from her all around their home. During her last year, the little girl had made hundreds of notes with messages for her family, telling them how much she loved them. Keith and Brooke found the heartbreaking notes hidden everywhere – in books, in drawers, in CDs.

In 2009 Elena’s parents published a book, Notes Left Behind. They told the story through their eyes and even included some of the notes in the actual book. They told the press that Notes Left Behind will help Grace remember to her older sister.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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