Did you know that when you die, you can have your ashes made into a rock and….


Nowadays you could reincarnate into a coral after you die.

Well, not literally.

coral memorial

Apart from being a part of the underwater environment, corals service as beautiful decorations in our homes and offices. Their various species have also been used in jewelry and souvenir making.


Now imagine that you could contribute to the marine ecosystem after your death. How can you do that? Well, if you’re being cremated you can have your ashes made into a rock. This rock will become the base of an “eternal memorial reef”, which will help coral reefs bloom.

Your ashes will be made into a mold, which is later made into a reef ball that can even be decorated. These reef balls are placed on the bottom of the ocean so they can provide the sea life with better living conditions. The family of the cremated person is offered the chance to dive underwater whenever they wish and admire the sea life that grows from their loved ones’ remains.


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