Did you know that When you inhale the smoke from a cigarette the nicotine in it will…


According to many people, nicotine is the worst possible type of addictive drug on our planet. It can cause up to 15 types of cancer just in your mouth cavity and windpipe.

Image Source: WIKIMEDIA
Image Source: WIKIMEDIA



When you inhale the nicotine smoke from a cigarette it will still reach your blood vessels and even your brain, just as if you have injected it in your veins. Not only that, but the inhaled nicotine actually reaches your brain faster than the injected one. It goes into your lungs and then passes through your alveoli reaching your bloodstream and eventually your brain. It sounds like a long process, but it actually doesn’t take more than 10 seconds until the substance reaches its last destination. Getting rid of the nicotine in your system is also a rapid process – around 2 hours after you’ve smoked a cigarette the substance in your blood would have decreased to nearly a quarter of the amount you have inhaled. 


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