Did You Know That Will Smith Once Told Eminem He Would Be The Biggest….


Ever heard the famous second verse of Eminem’s song “The Real Slim Shady” in which he curses at rapper-turned-actor Will Smith? DJ Jazzy Jeff told the media about the strange relationship between former rapper Smith and Eminem and it looks like there was more in there than meets the eye.


During the late 1990s DJ Jazzy Jeff brought together the two rappers and apparently Will Smith had some words of wisdom for Slim Shady. Smith told Eminem would become either the biggest flop or the biggest thing in hip hop. Of course, that didn’t make Eminem very happy, since the whole world saw how he dissed Smith numerous times during the years. He insulted Smith’s clean and commercialized music in his VMA acceptance speech. He also dissed Smith in Dr. Dre’s video of “Forgot About Dre”.
DJ Jazzy admits that few years after the video Eminem came to him and asked him if Smith was mad about it, excusing his actions. According to Jazzy Smith wasn’t actually offended.



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