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Did You Know That Within 5 Minutes Of Waking Up Half Your Dream Is…


It’s quite common for us, human beings, to forget our dreams or not recall them at all after waking up. It’s proven that within 5 minutes of waking up you tend to forget nearly half of your dream’s content. Within 10 min there is barely anything left. What is the reason for this phenomenon?


We usually do not forget stuff that quickly. There are many different theories that can bring light to this matter. For example, Freud’s theory is that our dreams contain repressed thoughts and emotions we are subconsciously trying to rid ourselves of. Therefore this is the reason we forget our dreams so fast. We just never wanted to remember them in the first place. We also have a natural inclination towards forward-thinking or constantly planning the future. Thus, recalling something immediately after waking up proves to be a tough task.


Yet another and, presumably, the most important reason is the fact that we learn and remember both by association and repetition. What also makes it even more difficult to remember is that dreams are always unique, relatively short and quite vivid. Thus recalling accurately the blurry scrambled information in our minds immediately after waking up is somewhat impossible.


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