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No, that’s not the latest term for being mentally unstable.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

When Andrea Liguori from Hernando County, Florida, was 3 years old, her parents took her to Weeki Wachee, a tiny town in the same area that hosts thousands of tourists annually because of their mermaid performances. Professional divers wearing mermaid costumes and tails dive in the water pools of the town and perform a series of moves and tricks underwater. They have been doing so ever since the late 1940s. Andrea was so moved by these women that she wanted to become just like them – a real life Ariel. She made her parents drive her over and over again to Weeki Wachee until she learned the routines by heart and became old enough to join the town’s fish school for tourists. She learned how to swim with a tail and how to perform a variety of tricks under the water’s surface.


Nowadays the 19 year old Andrea has already graduated from the fish school and she’s a professional mermaid – she’s swimming and dancing with her tail for tourists from all around the globe.



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