Did you know that Woman stole sweets from 8-year-old girl who…


A woman decided to steal candy from a young schoolgirl.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Ever heard the expression to steal candy from a baby? One woman from San Francisco decided to do just that. Literally.
According to official reports, the police in San Francisco are currently on the look for an unidentified woman who stole money from a girl that was selling candy. The 8 year old girl and some of her classmates were selling candy in order to benefit their school. They were keeping the profits in a clear plastic bag, which was in full display of passerby. An unidentified woman approached the 8 year old and stole the bag of money before anyone could stop her. According to the store’s staff, the thief had tried to buy a beer before the incident without having enough money for the beverage.

The local police are still trying to identify the woman. The reports state that it’s a highly unusual occurrence for the area. After all, grownups don’t usually steal a pocketful of candy money from small children.


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