Did you know that women can catch their partners cheating just by…


It’s proven that the majority of the female population prefers men with lower, deeper voice timbre. But will the owners of those attractive timbres stay faithful to their partners? A study conducted by researchers at the McMaster University showed that men with lower voices are more likely to be unfaithful.



87 women took part in the study and were asked to listen to electronically altered low or high male voices. The participants stated that they were more attracted to the lower voices, but they also had a feeling that men with lower voices weren’t exactly long term relationship material. However, that didn’t stop them from being more attracted to the lower voices.
Another study showed that people are likely to change their timbre when they’re talking to their romantic interest. For example, women lower their voices when they’re speaking to an attractive man, and vice versa.

Furthermore, the McMaster University’s study also suggests that women can catch their partners cheating just by the changes in their vocal vibrations.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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