Did You Know That Women Who Play Video Games Tend To Be Happier In Their ….


More than 55% of the online game players are actually women. This staggering statistics shatters into pieces the stereotype that the average player of video game consoles or online computer games is a somewhat antisocial teenager hidden somewhere in a dark room “trolling” and “hating” everything on the Internet. In reality, video game players can actually come from all kinds of social background, age group or career field.


Furthermore, according to the online survey among 2,000 American adults conducted in October 2011 by Harris Interactive, women who play any type of video games on a regular basis are actually more social and more satisfied with their love life. For example, 42% of the women who are into gaming contact someone via the social websites at least once per day. In comparison only 30% of the non-playing women get in touch with new people online.


Another important reason why women develop gaming habits more and more is because games actually serve as a stress relief from the increasingly busier lifestyles they have. Women also use online gaming to tackle boredom. The theory behind the female online gaming phenomenon is that more women turn to the games in order to escape from reality. This makes them not only happier in their relationships but happier in life in general.


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