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Did you know that workers at Ground Zero found an 18th century wooden ship underneath the WTC and…


We are all familiar with the tragic story of World Trade Center in New York and the destructive attacks from 2001. The two towers collapsed after two hijacked planes crushed into them killing thousands of people and injuring many more. It’s a tragedy that we will remember for a long time. President Bush and Mayor Giuliani promised the site will be rebuilt and soon after clearing of debris the construction works began. Since then Ground Zero is a name used to define the site of the World Trade Center after the attacks.
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In 2010 builders working at Ground Zero came upon an interesting archaeological finding – a wooden ship. Scientists dated it to the 18th century. The nearly 200-year-old boat is 9.8 meters long. Experts think it had been dump at this place in around 1810’s along with wooden beams. They suggest the boat was intentionally sunk in order to become part of the foundations of a new pier.


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