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Did You Know That You Can Gain Weight By Taking The iPad To…..


Nowadays most people can’t even imagine functioning without their electronic gadgets – smartphones, iPads, portable computers, gaming devices, etc. What is more, a huge amount of us even take them to bed and tend to use them until we drop asleep. However, experts claim that such a habit might have a horrible effect on our overall health and especially on our weight.


The reason behind such claim is simple. Using a technological device before sleep time can affect your sleep cycle and even lead to insomnia if you tend to do it for a long periods of time. As getting a good night rest and at least 6 hours of sleep is of extreme importance, spending long hours on your device instead of sleeping might turn into a problem. Specialists claim that sleep deprivation can lead to a number of diseases and is strongly linked to weight problems and obesity, especially in children and young adults. New research data suggests that it would be better to leave all gadgets aside and even avoid watching TV straight before going to bed.


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