Did you know that you can win a REAL date with Brad Pitt by…


Let’s face it – whatever success Alec Baldwin, Vin Diesel, Ashton Kutcher or Johnny Depp have, Brad Pitt has to hold the crown for the most attractive man on this planet. And if you’ve spent the last decade trying to get a date with him, this is your chance to make your dreams come true!


In order to win a date with Brad Pitt and help a good cause both in the same time, you need to purchase a $10 raffle ticket from Groupon. The website has put 2,500 tickets on sale. The winning ticket grants you a number of prizes, including a VIP invitation for two for the Make it Right gala, which will be held in May, a fancy hotel stay and a meet and greet with Pitt. Unfortunately, you won’t be the only one meeting with Brad during the gala, but it might be your chance to charm the 50 year old Hollywood actor. The profits from the tickets will go to the Make it Right fund.


And in case you’re afraid of the most attractive woman alive – don’t worry, she’s totally up for it!


Written by Patrick Bennet

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