Did You Know That You Will Be Able To Charge Your Cell Phone In Less Than 20 Seconds Thanks To….


Communication in the 21st century has evolved dramatically. From ordinary landline phones to instant text messaging and e-mails, the field of telecommunication has now turned into an absolutely integral part of our lives. Today a dead battery resulting in a useless cell-phone or any other device for that matter can equal a potential disaster.

An ordinary rechargeable battery of a cell-phone takes at least 1.5 to 3 hours to fully charge itself. But now a new groundbreaking invention made by an 18-year-old girl could revolutionize the whole telecommunication industry by making it possible to fully charge our devices within 20 seconds.

The 18-year-old graduate student named Eesha Khare, enrolled at the Lynbrook High School in California, personally conducted a science project that brought to the world a never before seen technology. She created a small ultra-light supercapacitor that can fit in any battery used to charge any piece of electronics and supercharge it within just seconds instead of hours.

What is even more amazing is that the tiny supercapacitor can survive intact for more than 10,000 recharge cycles compared to the mere 1,000 an ordinary cell-phone battery could last.
For her incredible scientific achievement the Saratoga-resident Eesha Khare also won the runner-up prize of $50,000 at a global science fair.The technology has a lot of applications outside cell-phones as well and is yet to be commercially developed.


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