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Some restaurant chains, like Target, recently embraced a no-weapon policy and banned all customers carrying guns, knives or other weapons. In order to provide a haven for all of these security-conscious people who have no place to dine with their weapons, an owner of a Louisiana restaurant decided to embrace an odd policy.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Kevin Cox, who owns the Bergeron’s Restaurant located in Port Allen, decided to adopt a weapon-welcoming policy in his diner. He put up a sign saying all armed customers will receive a 10% discount on the food that the Cajun restaurant serves. Mr. Cox spoke to the media about his strange decision and stated that he was fed up with hearing about a number of other restaurants banning customers with guns. Thus, he decided to encourage his own customers to care about their safety.


The man told the media that anyone can receive a discount as long as they show their gun to the owner.


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