Did you know that Your tongue has unique prints just like…


Every person’s tongue is different from everybody else’s, because tongues carry unique prints just like every person’s fingertip’s do.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Seeing a police offer record information by taking tongue prints instead of fingerprints would look ridiculous, but it would be just as effective.

A little known fact is that tongues, just like fingers, carry important identifiable information about a person, just like the fingerprints on fingertips do. Each tongue is unique not only in shape and visible texture, but it’s also unique for each person. In other words, as similar as your tongue may seem to somebody else’s, it’s not the same, because it carries information, which is unique only to you and your organ. Your tongue’s texture can help others identify you just as though they would be using your fingerprints. And while this may sound unlikely, researchers are actually already developing machines based on 3D scanners that could scan and compare tongue print databases.


Speaking of unique oral identification, here’s something you might already know. Each person’s teeth are unique and they also do wonders when it comes to identifying somebody. In fact, they are so unique that even a set of identical twins won’t have the same set of teeth – just like their fingers won’t have the same fingerprints. And on top of it all, the various bacterium types we carry in our mouths are also unique. According to scientists, around 400 different bacteria can be found in the human mouth and only around 2% of them are present in each ethnicity. Those types of bacteria, which are concentrated just under the gums in our mouths, are so unique for everybody that they could identify any person just like his or her fingerprints or tongue prints can. Fascinating, isn’t it?


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