Did you know that YouTube could ban Adele and…


Adele and Arctic Monkeys could vanish from YouTube in the near future.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Since we all hate the adverts we’ve been forced to see on YouTube before proceeding to a particular clip or music video, the video-sharing giant is embracing a new policy – to get all labels to sign for a royalty fee and ban those artists who don’t agree to fund YouTube’s exchequer. Several labels, such as Domino and XL Recordings, fall in the latter category. Adele is presented by XL Recordings and Arctic Monkeys are signed by Domino, and since both companies refuse to give royalty fees to YouTube, their artists’ videos could vanish from the website anytime now. According to Robert Kyncl, the Head of Business at YouTube, 90% of the music labels have agreed to the new policy, including giants such as Sony, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. If the remaining 10% don’t sign the agreement, we could all say goodbye to watching Adele’s music videos on the biggest video-sharing website on the planet.


According to some of the companies, YouTube has to come up with some loopholes, otherwise it will shoot itself in the foot. 


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