Did You Know What Miley Cyrus Got A New Tattoo On Her…


After Miley’s MTV VMA performance and her latest video ‘Wrecking Ball’ nothing about her can shock anyone anymore. Well, at least that’s what most people might think but, knowing Miley, can we really be certain of it?


Miley has been on the cover of the iconic magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ for the first time recently and she celebrated the fact by tattooing the words ‘ROLLING’ on her right foot and ‘$TONE’ on her left one. Miley later explained how Stephen Baldwin was such a huge fan of her teen TV series ‘Hanna Montana’ that he had  the initials ‘HM’ tattooed on his shoulder.


However, this is not Miley’s first tattoo, of course. She has plenty : a heart, a cross, a peace and an equal signs on her fingers; the words ‘just breathe’ and ‘love’ are inked, respectively, over her rib cage and inside her right ear; the Roman numerals VIIXCI, which stands for 7/91, is actually the month and the year her parents first got together; Miley also has a Leonardo da Vinci sketch on her right arm and a quote from a Teddy Roosevelt speech on her left arm: “THAT HIS PLACE SHALL NEVER BE WITH THOSE COLD AND TIMID SOULS WHO NEITHER KNOW VICTORY NOR DEFEAT”.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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