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DJ Khaled’s Future Brother-In-Law Found Fatally Shot In New York

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Jonathon Tuck, the brother of DJ Khaled’s fiancée Nicole, was shot Sunday night. The young man was shot in the face and did not survive the ordeal. This shooting took place at an apartment in the Bronx at roughly 9:15 p.m.; Tuck allegedly showed up at the apartment in order to buy cannabis. An argument apparently occurred, and that is when Jonathon was shot.

It is not yet clear what exactly prompted the argument that turned deadly.

The apartment where the shooting occurred was only about a half mile or so from where Tuck resided.
The fatal incident transpired on Washington Avenue, in the resident neighborhood called Belmont. The shooting victim was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital, which is where he perished.

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According to law enforcement, a 34-year-old man has been “detained” and is being questioned about the murder. However, as of Monday, nobody has been charged in the fatal shooting. Monday night the crime scene was still roped off, as police are continuing their investigations into the crime.

Thirty-year-old Brandon Davis, a football coach who had been friends with the victim for seven years, said that Jonathon, 25, was a “good guy” who was in “the wrong place” at “the wrong time”. He said there was no real reason for him to have been there.

Davis met Jonathon Tuck back in 2011, when Tuck was a defensive end for the Bronx Colts, and the two stayed friends after that. The two had made plans to watch the Super Bowl together. Tuck did not show up for the game. Tuck’s girlfriend ended up calling Davis at about four in the morning with the tragic news.

Davis said that all he is thinking about is how he was sitting there watching football while his friend was across town dying.

Davis is the godfather of Tuck’s young daughter, and he has stated that Jonathon Tuck’s family deserve to know what happened in that apartment on Sunday night. He hopes to learn what the shooting was all about, adding that he hopes Jonathon Tuck’s parents, sister, and daughter “find the answer”.
An unnamed family friend says that those close to Tuck are “grieving” and “devastated”.

Social media posts indicate DJ Khaled happened to be in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl when his fiancée’s brother was shot and killed.

Nicole, Khaled’s fiancée, and her mother reportedly hurried to the Bronx when hearing the news of the shooting.

According to Davis, Jonathon Tuck was close to his sister, although he would not comment in regard to how she or DJ Khaled are coping with what happened on Sunday evening.

Neither Nicole Tuck, nor DJ Khaled, have commented publicly regarding the shooting and death of Jonathon Tuck.

For those unfamiliar with the man, DJ Khaled—or Khaled Mohamed Khaled—is a DJ, record producer, and radio personality. The 42-year-old’s tenth studio album was released in July of last year.
He is also an author. His book, The Keys, was released in 2016. He also played a fictionalized version of himself in the comedy film Pitch Perfect 3 and had a cameo in promotional material for the 2017 film Spiderman: Homecoming.

DJ Khaled is also a pretty major internet celebrity—one might even say he is a phenomenon; Snapchat videos of the musical artist got a lot of attention on the internet as a result of DJ Khaled’s personality, which has been described as “larger than life”. He has also been described as a “living meme”.

DJ Khaled certainly gained attention for his decision to stream the birth of his son Asahd in October of 2016; he did so using his Snapchat account. Nicole, the fiancée who just lost her brother, is the mother of the child. It has been suggested that Asahd’s birth was the first one ever broadcast using Snapchat.

DJ Khaled was born in November of 1975 to Palestinian parents from New Orleans, Louisiana. Like their talented son, his parents were also musicians. His brother is an actor.

There are more questions than answers right now regarding Sunday night’s fatal shootings; as we’ve mentioned, DJ Khaled isn’t commenting publicly regarding the tragedy, nor is his fiancée. It does seem, however, that Jonathon Tuck was pretty well liked by a lot of people—let us hope that DJ Khaled, Nicole Tuck, Brandon Davis, and all of the rest of Jonathon Tuck’s family members and friends get the answers they want and deserve very soon.

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