Did you know that A Dutch pilot predicted the Germanwings plane crash just a couple weeks before…


We all know about the Germanwings plane which crashed into the Alps last week, but could we have prevented it from happening? A Dutch pilot predicted the Germanwings plane crash just a couple weeks before it happened!

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A Dutch pilot, just a couple weeks before the crash, said these words in a specialist flight magazine:

“I seriously wonder who’s sitting next to me” and “I hope I never find myself in the situation where I go to the toilet and return to find a cockpit door that won’t open.”

He also says that the measures implemented after 9/11 specifically done to ensure civilians, in particular terrorists, can’t gain access to the cockpit, could be used against the captain.

Andreas Lubitz, of whom suicidal tendencies have been shown, took the time in which the captain went to the toilet, to lock the cockpit door. This stopped the pilot regaining access, which effectively meant the co-pilot could do what he wanted, and no one could stop him.

It also recently transpires, that the captain complained about not being able to take a toilet break before boarding the plane. Lubitz pushed for the captain to go, giving him the perfect opportunity he needed!

“There indeed does exist a way to get back into the cockpit, but if the person inside disables this option (the security code to get in), one could do nothing but sit with the passengers and wait and see what happens.”


Mr Cocheret has also said that there are cases where pilots have previously taken advantage of being able to do this, to stop them causing harm or bring down the plane. However, he felt that this information was not suitable for the general public, and so kept it in the specialist magazine.

Actually, this had happened before in November 2013 when Herminio dos Santos, captain of flight TM470 brought down the Embraer 190, killing the 33 people on board.

“He waited for his colleague to leave the cockpit, and once that happened, he sent the plane into a nosedive towards the Namibian desert. The last sound heard on the cockpit voice recorder was a desperate banging on the locked cockpit door,”

he wrote.

France’s air authority, BEA, have said they will look into “systemic weaknesses” which could’ve caused this crash. In particular, this would include psychological profiling and medical health background of all pilots.

I think it is clear that there needs to be something done which helps prevent something like this happen again, so let’s hope that air authorities around the world can work together to reassure us that we are in safe hands. Indeed, after flying back from the Alps only three days after the crash, I wanted to ask the pilot if he, or the co-pilot were in fact depressed, and if I was safe being flown by them…


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