Embarrassing Photo Of John Cena’s ‘Penis’ At Wrestlemania Went Viral

Image Source: WWE

Professional wrestling champion John Cena was pinned during The Undertaker’s exciting return to the WWE. An amusing photograph shows a bulge in Cena’ pants as he was pinned.
The photo has gone viral.

Image Source: WWE

Understandably, the alleged “bulge” has captured the attention of the internet, and the matter was joked about on Twitter.

One amused Twitter user named Brian wrote that it looks like The Undertaker was doing a little bit more than just “defeating” Cena.

Another Twitter user named Cody Hettinger was also clearly amused. You can read his comment below. Essentially, he said that it appeared as if Cena was aroused while pleasuring The Undertaker orally.

A lot of people were amused, really, and many thought very similar things as a result of the photo.

WrestleMania 34, where the pinning occurred, occurred on April 8th in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cena, who is 40 years old, fought “The Undertaker”, who is 53 years old. The Undertaker’s real name is Mark William Calaway.
It took The Undertaker only three minutes to pin Cena. He used his signature moves to pin Cena—making it all look easy—which pleased the crowd.

WrestleMania 34 also saw the debut WWE performance of Ronda Rousey, the former UFC fighter. The debut took place two months after she signed with WWE.

She took part in a mixed-gender tag-team match. She worked with Kurt Angle. They were against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rousey and Angle won; she made McMahon submit.


In an interview with the network ESPN, Rousey talked about her transition to wrestling from MMA.

She said that she is actually happy that she lost the UFC fights that she did back in 2015 and 2016, because they led her to where she is now—that makes those losses worth it.

Rousey said that everything happens for a reason, and she is so grateful. At one point, she never thought that she would be grateful for those losses; however, she said, time is a great teacher.

Image Source: WWE

According to her, she is grateful that she did not give up and view the two losses as the end of the world. There are people, she said, who experience tragedies and do not feel like time can heal them.

She wants to tell people to give it time, even if they do not think time can heal their pain. She said you never really know where tragedies will lead you, and she states that she believes that every missed opportunity is actually a disguised blessing.

Rousey also said that the WWE world was more welcoming than she thought it would be, which left her thankful for her fans and the community.

She admitted that she thought the WWE community would “boo her” from day one— and therefore owes the community an apology. The community, she said, accepted her from the start. She hopes that that her performance at WrestleMania satisfied those skeptical of her.

She also admitted that she underestimated how kind the WWE community could be. She thought that any outsiders would get shunned and have to fight to be accepted.

She said she worked hard to pay respect to what is important to the WWE community, and hopes that they saw that. She says she’s just “so grateful” and is doing her best to deserve what she has.

In addition to being a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, Rousey is actually an actress and Olympian. She was the first woman from America to win a medal in Judo.

Rousey, who is 31 years old, took home the bronze at the Summer Olympics in 2008. In 2015, she was one of the most searched for people on Google, and she has acted in the films “Entourage”, “Furious 7”, as well as “The Expendables 3”.
She is also known to be a huge fan of “Dragon Ball Z” and “Pokémon”.

John Cena, the man who had the “bulge”, has been wrestling professionally since 1999. He has been called the greatest WWE star of all time by many industry professionals, and he has had 16 reigns as world champion. He also released a rap album, and he has acted in several films, including “Legendary” and “Daddy’s Home 2”.


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