Did you know that Eminem Did Not Attend His Oscar Winning Night Because He Was Asleep With His Little Daughter


When Eminem won the Academy Award for Best Original Song he didn’t attend it. He and the whole world didn’t expect it. Many believed U2 would go home with the golden statue but Slim Shady’s very own “Lose Yourself” took the spotlight. However, the rapper wasn’t attending the ceremony at that time. He wasn’t even watching it on live TV. Not only that, during the ceremony he was taking a nap after he had been watching cartoons with his daughter Hailie.



“Lose Yourself” was the first hip-hop song to ever win the golden statue. And even though Marshall Mathers wasn’t present when the Academy Award was being presented, he stated in an interview that he was still very grateful for it. The main reason he never attended the event was because he never expected to win. The second reason was the fact that he never felt like home within the whole Hollywood glamour. He stated that being side to side with actors and movie stars was never his “thing” and that he did not belong in Hollywood.


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