Facebook Post From Cancer Survivor On Spotting Cancer Saved The Life Of A Mother

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A woman is crediting Facebook for saving her life.

Jayne Dandy, who is 51 years of age and from Cheshire, has said that she is extremely grateful to a cancer survivor named Hayley Browning.

It was Hayley’s social media post about self-examination on Facebook that resulted in Jayne finding a cancerous lump on her right breast. She came across Hayley’s post by chance.

Hayley is a cancer survivor and had always followed doctors’ advice to check herself for lumps while showering. However, it was when Hayley was lying down that she noticed her cancerous lump. The lump apparently “disappeared” when she stood up.

Hayley posted a pretty detailed account of what she was going through on Facebook.

She urged women to examine themselves while lying down, and that tip went viral last year. It was seen by hundreds of thousands of women—and probably saved a lot of lives.

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In Jayne’s case, that tip happened to pop up on her Facebook timeline after it was shared by her Weight Watchers’ coach. That happened to occur on the very night she noticed a lump in her right breast.

Jayne’s doctor confirmed her fear: she had developed a rather aggressive form of breast cancer; she had just turned 50 at the time, and she was not exhibiting any symptoms of the disease. Jayne was, as she put it, at the “top of her game”.

Doctors performed a mastectomy, and she ended up undergoing intensive chemotherapy. The chemo happened to finish on the birthday of her husband.

Image Source: Facebook

Happily, Jayne has gotten the “all clear” from doctors after a mammogram and a scan. She admits, however, that she frequently wonders what might have happened to her had she not read the Facebook message posted by Hayley. She says that she wouldn’t have checked herself out in the way suggested by Hayley had it not been for the post.

Jayne apparently contacted Hayley right away to thank her; by sharing her story, Hayley likely saved Jayne’s life.

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Image Source: Facebook

As Jayne put it, had it not been for that one post, her outcome could have been very different. She has described it as a “sobering” thought. That’s why Jayne feels it important to get Hayley’s message out there—encouraging people to check themselves regularly and hopefully save lives.

As we mentioned above, Jayne had just turned 50 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As she put it, she never felt “unwell”. She pointed out that she was never a smoker and did not drink alcohol. She didn’t feel sore or ill.

Her doctor initially thought the cancerous lump was a cyst and intended to drain it.

Image Source: Facebook

A mammogram and ultrasound confirmed that Jayne had stage 3 breast cancer.

Hayley, who is from Essex and currently works for a breast cancer-related charity, has a gene mutation believed to be responsible for causing her cancer. She says that she was overwhelmed by emotion after being contacted by Jayne, who definitely believes Hayley helped save her life. Hayley says she can’t find the words needed to express just how happy she is for Jayne, adding that she never really imagined the reach her post would have.

Image Source: Facebook

Apparently, 30 people have contacted Hayley to let her know that they found a lump because of her post. Now, thousands of people know how important it is to check their breasts while lying down. Her post has actually been shared by over 200,000 people.

If you’re unaware, breast cancer symptoms may include a change in the shape of the breast as well as a breast lump. There may also be fluid emanating from the nipple. Bone pain and yellow skin may also be symptoms of the disease.
However, as was the case with Jayne, there may not be any obvious symptoms, which is why it is important for people to examine themselves regularly.

Breast cancer risk factors for women may include obesity, alcohol consumption, having children late in one’s life (or not having children at all), a lack of exercise, hormone replacement therapy, and an advanced age. Five to 10 percent of breast cancer cases in women are related to genes inherited from the parents.

Fortunately, survival rates for breast cancer are quite high. In the United States, 80 to 90 percent of people are alive five years after a diagnosis has been made.

Also, it is worth mentioning that men can develop breast cancer. As it is typically detected at later stages of the disease, the outcomes are typically worse.

All credits go to Hayley Browning

Written by Kevin Barrett

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