Faith in Humanity = RESTORED!


It is a saying as old as time itself but nevertheless 100 % true : a dog is a man’s best friend. Everyone who has ever had a dog and even people who haven’t would confirm that dogs are probably the most loyal and noble creatures in the world. What is more, their intelligence and infallible instinct are beyond doubt qualities which make them perfect companions. Dogs can be trained to perform all kinds of tasks, not to mention people sent them in space even before a human dared to board a spaceship and fly.

Even dogs which are not specially trained for it have been reported numerous times to help humans in danger which proves, in my humble opinion, that they are much smarter than actually acknowledged.

In this video we can witness several great acts of human kindness which is something we can’t see everyday. Helping an animal in danger is an extremely noble deed and all the people in the video should be rewarded.


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