Famous YouTube Star Executed After Insulting Notorious Mexican Drug Lord

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A 17-Year Old YouTube Star From Mexico Executed After Insulting Notorious Drug Lord

Every now and then we get to see famous people acting weird and sometimes even foolish. Fame and fortune can alter someone’s perception of reality around them and create a false sense of importance, domination and power. Such combination can result in reckless behavior.

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Making fun of a Mexican cartel leader and insulting him in front of a large audience does not seem like the smartest thing to do, and this time it proved to be a fatal mistake.

One young Mexican boy, named Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, did exactly that.

Our theory is that Rosales was blinded by his increasing popularity so much that he must have felt untouchable, and he made the mistake of thinking that you can mess with the wrong guys and not pay the price. Not everyone can take a joke, and as it turned out, the boss of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel had no sense of humor at all.

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, also known as El Mencho, was insulted in one of the recent live streaming videos.
Rosales, or “El Pirata de Culiacan”, his nickname online, is a famous public figure in Mexico. He was one of the country’s biggest YouTube stars and has a lot of followers – close to 300,000 in Instagram and over a million in Facebook.

Image Source: Instagram

The social media star learned the hard way that making fun of people you do not know is a bad idea. He probably had not considered the potential consequences of his actions. He should have known better, because he was born in the Sinaloa state in Mexico, a place known to be like an incubator for cartels and gangs, including the world famous “El Chapo” Guzman.

Reports state that Rosales, who was 17-years old, was shot dead by four armed men in a Jalisco bar, with more than fifteen bullets piercing his body.

Prosecutors have yet to determine if the murder has any connection with the video containing the insult against El Mencho. What could be so insulting that it would inspire a murder, you ask? Well, literally translated, Rosales said that he wanted El Mencho to kiss his… well you can figer it ourself. Talk about bad choice of words, and an even worse choice, the guy you throw the insult at.


El Mencho has no charges against him, but the police have started digging to solve the case and hopefully they will solve it.

Hours before the horrible shooting, Rosales created a video for all his fans and invited them to the very same bar to join the party. Latest data shows that a woman sitting next to him was also hurt by a random bullet and she was sent home after a medical examination.

When you look back on Rosales’ life, you can easily see that most of it is a total mess.

A lot of people showed compassion and grieved for the young boy on social media platforms. Many opinions on social media echo each other and they want justice to be served.

Mexico has a big problem with the rising number of cartel structures and gang members. So, you should probably keep your mouth shut in those countries and regions.

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