Father Got Girlfriend To Rape His Son, 11, Because He Thought He Was Gay

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A father and his girlfriend may end up spending the rest of their lives in prison. The father, Sean Cole, instructed his girlfriend to rape, abuse, and sodomize his 11-year-old son, who is autistic.

Sean thought that his son might be gay.

Sean and Khadeijah Moore, his girlfriend, were convicted by a jury of sodomy, sexual abuse, and also raping a child under the age of 12.

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According to Tim Douthit—the Madison County assistant district attorney and the prosecutor in this case—the offenses apparently occurred during the week of Thanksgiving in 2016. The boy was visiting his father, who is 29 years old, in Huntsville, Alabama.

Cole purportedly found his son—who has autism—in what has been described as a “compromising position” with a boy. Sean therefore instructed his girlfriend to perform sex acts upon his child.

According to Douthit, both boys had their pants off—which is what led to the abuse.

According to testimony from the trial, Moore sodomized, inappropriately touched, and raped the child. The child was also forced to perform sexual acts on Moore, who was 20 at the time of the abuse.

Sean Cole apparently never touched the child himself.

Tim Douthit said that the abuse happened solely because Sean thought his son was either gay or might become gay.
Sean Cole and Khadeijah Moore were arrested and charged in January of 2017. They were jailed on $750,000 bonds.

The prosecutor said that there is no evidence that Sean Cole had any sort of attraction to his son or other children; he thought that he could “straighten” the child out.

The child lived in Georgia with his mother; upon his return home, he apparently asked his mother questions regarding sexual matters—and that made her suspicious. As a result, she contacted Huntsville law enforcement. The woman, who has been described as “horrified”, actually drove from Georgia to Huntsville to speak with police.


Tim Douthit said that he has been prosecuting sex crimes involving children for quite a while, but this case is unique—he had never encountered anything like it before. It was, he said, the worst he had seen in his career.
The most appalling part, Douthit says, is that the child does not realize or understand that what happened to him is not his fault.

A forensic investigator asked the boy what was going through his head when being abused. The child supposedly replied that he was wondering why his father was doing what he was doing to him. The father apparently told him to tell no one, and the boy felt that he had failed his father because he told the investigator.

According to the prosecutor, the victim—who is now 13 years old—is doing well. He called the boy a “smart kid” who has a lot of intelligence and is still well-adjusted in spite of it all.

However, Douthit says that the situation is “heartbreaking” because the victims still believes that he is the “bad guy”.
Sean Cole has been in jail since his arrest; however, Khadeijah Moore is actually considered a fugitive. After being released on bail, she did not show up for trial. A warrant is out for her arrest. She was, however, represented at trial.

The lawyer representing Khadeijah Moore—Rita McKannan—stated that Moore did what she did because Sean Cole told her to. However, McKannan said that doesn’t make it right or okay.

The trial commenced on Monday, and guilty verdicts were delivered on Tuesday afternoon. Sentencing in this case is scheduled for the 24th of May at 11 in the morning.

The victim testified in court and his forensic interview was played; according to Douthit, Sean Cole took the stand and denied many of the claims against him.

Sean Cole may have tried to defend himself; however, as mentioned above, he was ultimately found guilty of multiple sex crimes, as was his girlfriend.

It is wonderful that the victim in this case seems more-or-less well-adjusted after what happened to him; however, victims of sexual abuse often endure long-term suffering. It can lead to anxiety, depression, addiction, self-injury, and borderline personality disorder. It is also a risk factor for suicide attempts.

Globally, almost 20 percent of women report being sexually abused as children. Furthermore, almost ten percent of men report being sexually abused.

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