Father Punishes His Son For Bullying By Forcing Him to Run To School in the Rain

Image Source: Bryan Thornhill / Facebook

Bullying is never cool, but parents tend to ignore the possibility that their children may be bullies. Bullying probably wouldn’t be a problem if parents everywhere took a good hard look at the behavior of their children.

One parent who definitely is taking the bullying matter seriously is Bryan Thornhill, who made the decision to force his 10-year-old son run to school after learning that his child was accused of bullying people on his school bus.

Naturally, his decision was met with some controversy, as his son was forced to run in the rain at one point. Bryan made a video from inside his car while watching his son running. Here it is.

The four minute video was made using Facebook Live.

Bryan started off the video by calling it “better listen to your dad” 2018.

The father admits that his son got in enough trouble that he was kicked off of his school bus for three days due to the child being a bully—something that Bryan says he simply does not tolerate.

Therefore, Bryan said, the boy had to run to school. They’re about one mile from the school, he said, so for a week the child got to experience running.

Image Source: Bryan Thornhill / Facebook

A bit of good news, according to the father, is that his son runs at a pretty good pace. Apparently he was a little rude one morning, so still had to run despite the pouring rain outside.

The father, who is from the United States, claims that what he’s making his child do is called “parenting”.
Apparently that parenting technique is working—at least according to Bryan. He states that his son’s attitude has actually been a lot better; furthermore, even his teachers have noticed a shift in attitude. His son didn’t get in trouble at school during that week he was forced to run to school.

The father added that the week prior to the son’s being forced to run, he was “absolutely out of his mind”.

Bryan said that he is going to make sure—one way or the other—that his son’s teachers would be able to enjoy his company while he is at school. He does not want his son disrupting his classmates or anything else.

At the end of the video, Bryan advised people to teach their kids instead of trying to be their friends. That, he claims, is what “children need these days”.

The video Bryan made has been shared by tens of thousands of people and viewed by well over a million people.

Image Source: Bryan Thornhill / Facebook

Bryan encouraged people to share the video so that it would go viral, and he considers the response he received to be praise for the way he parents.

Not everyone on the internet agrees with Bryan’s methods, of course, with many calling Bryan’s actions towards his son cruel. He’s even being accused of humiliating his own child in order to get himself attention.

In this case, it seems like Bryan’s actions actually may have achieved their desired results. However, it could also be argued that Bryan’s actions are a form of bullying. That said, is it really anybody’s right to judge another person’s parenting techniques?

Image Source: Bryan Thornhill / Facebook

Regardless of what one thinks about Bryan’s methods, we all need to be reminded that bullying is a serious problem in many areas of the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom, and it should not be tolerated.
For example, it has been estimated that bullying causes the suicides of between 15 and 25 children in the United Kingdom every year.

There have been a number of bullying-related suicides that have been covered extensively by the mass media. One example is Ryan Halligan, an American who killed himself at the age of 13 after being bullied in real life and online. He was reportedly sent homophobic instant messages because his classmates thought he was gay—which apparently was not the case. Ryan died in 2003, and his death has been cited by legislators trying to create laws regarding online bullying.

There are numerous organizations out there to help those who may be victimized by bullying of any sort. For example, United States readers can check out

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