Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Blasts Off In Homemade Rocket, Crashes And Gets Rushed To Hospital

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If you are not familiar with “Mad” Mike Hughes, he is a flat Earth researcher—he truly believes that the Earth may be flat. He is also a rocket enthusiast.

He took it upon himself to build his own rocket in order to fly high above the Earth; he did so to prove that the planet is actually more of a disk than a sphere. He describes the Earth as shaped “like a Frisbee”.

Using scrap metal, Mike built the “steam powered” rocket. He spent about $20,000 doing so.
Mad Mike had said he was going to launch himself into the sky; to his credit, he did what he said he would do. There is a video that proves it.

The launch happened on the 24th of March near Amboy, California. Amboy is about 200 miles east of Los Angeles.
However, Mad Mike did not make it too terribly high; his entire flight lasted all of about four seconds. He ended up landing in the Mojave Desert, and it wasn’t exactly a soft landing.

After paramedics checked him out, the 61-year-old “Mad” Mike spoke out about the incident; he said that he was tired of hearing people say he chickened out—that he did not build a rocket. As he pointed out, he did what he said he would do.
And to his credit, there is actual proof that he did it. Unfortunately, “Mad” Mike Hughes didn’t even get 1900 feet into the air. People fly higher than that in airplanes every single day.

He achieved a speed of about 350 miles per hour. Parachutes, allegedly supplied by NASA, allowed the rocket to land relatively safely. At the very least, “Mad” Mike is still alive.

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Hughes had been constructing his homemade rocket for several months, and he converted a mobile home into a launch pad. He works as a limousine driver.

The nose of “Mad” Mike’s rocket shattered into two upon impact—which was intended. Hughes did admit that the landing was something of a close call.

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He said that the rocket “wants to kill you” in ten ways, but also said he is glad that he did what he did. However, he also said he would feel the impact in the morning—he claims he won’t be able to get out of bed. His back was aching, but he will likely be just fine.

Hughes—who lives in Apple Valley, California—was just glad to be able to go home for dinner.

In an interview with the Associated Press last year, Hughes said that he does not believe in science.
He stated that he knows about things like fluid dynamics and aerodynamics—and he claims to understand thrust and rocket nozzle sizes; however, he believes all that is a formula, not science.

He added that there is no real difference between science and science fiction.

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Prior to the launch, Mike said that his goal was to fly high enough to gather enough evidence to disprove the idea that the Earth is round.

In an interview with a newspaper for flat Earthers called the Daily Plane, Hughes said he only recently started believing in the flat Earth theory.

He claims that the idea that the Earth is round is the “king of deceptions”. He said that once the round Earth domino falls, other dominos too will fall.

Mike may not have proved anything about the planet Earth—but by launching himself in his rocket, he did prove he is a man of his word.

Prior to the launch on the 24th of March, “Mad” Mike had attempted two launches, both of which had to be cancelled. The first cancelled launch was because of government bureaucracy, and the second cancelled launch came about because of unspecified technical problems.

It seems likely at this point that “Mad” Mike will try once more to prove that the Earth may not be round. He has said that he believes the Earth is shaped like a Frisbee, but admits that he does not know for sure. That is, he says, why he wants to go into space.

Despite the fact the Earth has been photographed from space, there are hundreds—if not many more—who believe those photographs have been faked in some fashion or another for whatever purpose.

You can watch the full video HERE

Written by Kevin Barrett

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