Former Soldier Ray Lewis Got DUI Though He Doesn’t Drink Because Of Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Image Source: Autobrewery Syndrome Awareness

Auto-brewery syndrome or ABS for short is a rare medical condition which causes all excess carbs in the body to be converted into alcohol.

Ray Lewis, a 48-year-old former soldier has become a victim of this odd disorder and it’s definitely not as funny as it may sound.

Getting Fired

Image Source: Autobrewery Syndrome Awareness

Just one meal can leave him absolutely wasted. Ray was born in Eugene, Oregon and he used to be a paratrooper. Later in life he was a truck driver but lost that job due to crashing his vehicle after getting drunk from eating his lunch. This was back when he wasn’t aware of his condition. His wife had suspicions that Ray could be an alcoholic in his spare time so she took some security measures. The woman, Sierra, banned him from being able to access his bank account and even put him on a detoxicating diet.

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To her surprise, none of that worked. Her husband was still drunk practically every day until he was diagnosed in September of 2015. Now, Ray has to stick to eating only protein, vegetables and nuts, while being forbidden from eating things such as chocolate, chips or anything that contains sugar or carbohydrates. His wife even attached a GPS tracker to him in order to keep an eye on him in case he gets wasted and wanders off somewhere.

According to Ray himself, many people laugh as a first response to his condition, but all of them show understanding once they realize the seriousness of the issue.

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