Former Soldier Ray Lewis Got DUI Though He Doesn’t Drink Because Of Auto-Brewery Syndrome

His wife fully supports him

Image Source: Autobrewery Syndrome Awareness

The disorder affects the body the same way long-term alcoholism would, damaging organs becoming a gateway to a number of other possible health risks such as heart diseases, strokes and cancer. Sierra owns a soap business and has to look after Ray, avoiding to leave him alone for long periods of time. She spoke about the importance of the GPS tracker she attached to him, stressing on the unpredictability of Roy’s triggers.

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The two have been married since 2006 and in 2013 Ray began experiencing the first symptoms of the disorder such as sweating, nausea and short-term memory loss.

They didn’t take it as a major worry until 2014 when he crashed his truck and lost his job. Neither of them knew what could be causing his periods of intoxication.

Auto-brewery syndrome is a very rare and controversial condition. Not much is known about it due to the lack of patients suffering from it and no cure has been developed either. Ray and Sierra first heard about ABS from a friend who had heard about it on TV. The couple knew it sounded quite unlikely but since they had no other suppositions, they decided to see if it could really be it.

Dr. Anup Kanodia was the first doctor who diagnosed Ray and ever since, he has been struggling with life as an “alcoholic”. Ray spoke about how negatively the condition has impacted with his life by making it nearly impossible for him to enjoy his hobbies and his love for the outdoors. He has to test himself for alcohol levels in his blood more than 10 times a day and he is often left confused and unsteady, making simple tasks such as going up the stairs nearly impossible.

Despite all the difficulties though, Ray’s hanging on and he’s thankful for the endless support of his wife, friends and family.


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