Frano Selak Survived 7 Near Death Experiences, Including Being Ejected From A Plane Midflight And Then Lon The Lottery

This is the story of Frano Selak, the world’s luckiest man. He cheated death 7 almost fatal times, he won $1,100,000 from the lottery and he married five times.

Selak was born back in 1929 in Croatia. His very first near-death experience was in early 1962. He was in a train, which flipped off the railroad tracks and fell into a canyon. Somebody saved Selak’s life, although he/she couldn’t save the lives of the 17 passengers, who drowned in the canyon’s river. A year after that unfortunate event Frano flew on a plane for the very first time. During the flight he was blown out of one of the plane’s malfunctioning doors before the aircraft crashed. He survived after landing in a haystack. The man’s third near death experience came several years after the plane crash. In 1966 Salek was among the survivors of a bus that skidded off the road and crashed into a river. He suffered only minor bruises and cuts.

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In 1968 the man was teaching one of his sons how to use a gun. Unfortunately, the safety trigger was off and Salek shot himself. He had to be rushed to a hospital because of the nasty wound, but he survived. Two years after he shot himself Salek escaped from his own vehicle, which had been set on fire. Fortunately for him, he got out before the vehicle’s fuel tank got the chance to blow up.

The Croatian managed to cheat death several other times as well – all of which involved motor vehicles. In 2003 Salek celebrated his 73rd birthday and only two days after the celebration he won $1,100,000 from the lottery. He decided to donate most of his winnings to family and friends.

The media has dubbed him as the world’s luckiest man – in his late 80s he has had five marriages, won a million from the lottery and has cheated death a total of 7 times. Isn’t he lucky?

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