Fried Chicken Pants? No, We Are Not Ready!

Image Source: Twitter

I have seen very weird fashion trends in my whole life, but never actually saw pants like these ones. After viewing this picture nothing can surprise me anymore. I don’t know if I am going to wear one of these, but they do look really delicious by the way.

They were introduced by the Japanese twitter user @k_kazu_magi. Unfortunately his post is in Japanese, but I managed to translate some comments via Google translate. He tweeted with the pic that all he can think of when seeing the pants is KFC. Well, I don’t blame him. Me too.

Image Source: Twitter

The best part is that a lot of people actually loved them and are willing to wear one of these some day. Some users even used their photoshop skills to make them a little more “spicy”

Image Source: Twitter

As what I have read in the comments they will be in stores soon, so if you like them I guess preorder will be available.

What do you think?

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