Did you know that George Aldrich has worked for NASA for over 40 years, and his job is to smell …


This man has spent the last 40 years serving as NASA’s nose and smelling on all sorts of things just to check it there are any improper stenches at the offices.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

Meet NASA’s nose – George Aldrich.

They say that the nose is the most adaptive organ and that we can easily adapt to a nasty smell if we are exposed long enough to it. This particular NASA employee’s job is to make sure there are no nasty smells other employees will have to start adapting to.


George Aldrich has a strange profession, that’s undoubted. He is a chemical specialist, who has been dubbed as NASA’s nose for a good reason. He’s the “chief sniffer” among a team of expert sniffers, who have to sniff on various things in order to make sure nothing’s out of order. He’s working with his team of “noses” at NASA’s White Sands Test Facility’s Molecular Desorption and Analysis Laboratory, which is located in New Mexico. He makes sure how some items smell before they get to be sent out in outer space. Since astronauts can’t really open a window in order to let fresh air in, it’s extremely important that there aren’t any improper odors coming out of anything they have to go on field missions with.

Mr. Aldrich has been working for NASA for more than 40 years. He started off by working as a fireman in White Sand when he was only 18 years old, but he later transferred to the “odor panel”. His job results in astronauts’ safety and comfort when they are in outer space. Of course, NASA could always use either machines or dogs, but they prefer the human approach. In order for Mr. Aldrich’s nose to be in perfect condition for the job, as well as the other noses in his team of pro sniffers, NASA conducts regular check-ups every four months.


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