Girl Gets Brutal Revenge And Dumps Boyfriend After Savage Texts Go Viral

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A young woman chose to end things with her boyfriend as a result of his decision to send her body shaming texts.

The woman—Shelby Johnson—put screenshots of the messages she received from her anonymous ex online. They were not nice. She asked her followers if she was overreacting because she felt hurt.

Shelby pointed out that she is 120 pounds and has been so for five months, adding that she was at a loss and could not understand how a person who claimed to love her could say what he did.

The post Shelby made received quite the response—roughly 11,000 comments were made. There were also thousands of retweets and likes.

The day after she posted what she did, Shelby offered an update to her followers. Shelby wrote that she had not been able to see her ex since she posted what she did. However, with the help of her therapist, she made a plan to end things with him. She said she would see him the next day and drop “180 pounds”.

Shelby also said that the support she received was “amazing”; she only expected to hear from her few Twitter friends.

Way up, I feel blessed ✨

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Shelby also said that she was taking care of herself as well as feeling “proud”.

She wrote that she and her “beer gut” were enjoying a night of Mary J Blige music and face masks. Breakups suck, she said, but it sucks more to lose one’s self. Therefore, she said, she’s taking care of herself. She said it took two years to get out of her last abusive relationship. She’s proud of getting out of the one that followed in just two months.

She would later address her followers, thanking them for all of the messages. She told them that she had hundreds of messages, and would address them after sleeping and getting hydrated—she claimed to feel like death because of what stress does to a person’s body. She called Twitter amazing and also said she loves humans; she stated that her followers were kind and also called social media awesome.

She added that she wished she could respond to all of the messages she was getting, but she was reading all of them. She wished she could invite all of her followers to her birthday in May.

Shelby said that she left her partner; he was upset by the response, and stated that he would use the whole experience as a “learning curve”.

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The partner was unhappy and felt horrible, especially once he learned that her Tweet had gone viral. He’ll try to use the whole thing as a learning experience, she said, adding that she is single and free.

In a text, the partner said that the internet helped him realize how “bloated” he was. He said he needs to get over himself, and he also said that he deeply cares.

Shelby said that, because the partner learned something from the experience, she is glad for what happened. It was “too little too late”, she said, but she is happy that her ex might try to be a better person.

Shelby also reiterated that breakups suck—even if a person hurts you, it is still possible to miss them while alone in bed. She said that she just has to remind herself that she is okay; she was okay before him, and she will be okay after him. She added that even after the millionth breakup, they do not get easier.

It all seems to have worked out for Shelby, which is wonderful. Body shaming is a serious issue, however. People can and often are judged negatively because of their physical appearance. While body shaming has always been something of a problem, it is a bigger problem now due to the internet and social media.

According to certain statistics, over 90 percent of teenaged girls have experienced body shaming. Not only females are targeted, however. The fact of the matter is that over 60 percent of teenaged boys have experienced body shaming.

Body shaming can result in long-term consequences. For example, those who were body shamed are more likely to develop heart disease and stroke. There are also mental health problems that may result from body shaming.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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