He Found Out His Wife Was Cheating. So He Arranged A Birthday Surprise She’ll Never Forget

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We all hear the stories of someone cheating on someone, and also probably know someone who’s been cheated on, or cheated on someone. Well, this man found out about his wife cheating on him, and so came up with an evil plan.

When his wife was texting someone, she would be laughing and acting in a flirtatious mother, but would constantly claim that she was just talking to her mother. He says that she would also tell him that she had to stay late at work, but then when he called her colleagues, they’d say she’d left ages ago. Despite the confrontations about it, she would laugh it off, and make excuses.

Image Source: Image is for illustrational purposes only!

The husband says that when his wife went to get some milk just before midnight, which took just over 2 hours, he knew that something was definitely not right, and strongly suspected she was cheating on him. He says that if you believe this, then get a private investigator. Proof is brilliant for later on if you decide to divorce your wife.

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When people say that evil plans take patience, well, that’s certainly what happened here. It wasn’t until his wife’s birthday, months later, that he decided to make his move. Armed with masses of evidence for the divorce, as well as quietly getting things together like somewhere to live, the other reason he’d waited till her birthday? She wanted him to be gone for it.

The glasses with champagne in the cupboard really confirmed it for him, and that was when he knew the time was right – he pretended that everything was ok, and went to his mate’s house, under the pretence he was going away like she’d asked. He then brings the plan into action. He organised her surprise birthday party. Alerting all her family and friends, he told them about how he was organising the party, and that they should be there with cake and everything.

The husband said that everyone was ready at about 8.30am and they all got into the elevator ready to surprise her. The door was thrown open, and there was a surprise alright.

His ex-wife’s lover was there, naked, and her family and friends were absolutely horrified.

He says that that’s definitely the best birthday present he’s ever given – maybe you can come up with some evil plans for anyone you know might be cheating…?

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