HGV Driver, 45, Committed Suicide After His Girlfriend Of 25 Years Dumped Him

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A 45-year-old driver of heavy good vehicles has taken his own life after being dumped by his girlfriend of 25 years. The death occurred just days after the relationship ended.

The body of Gary Tustain, a fan of the Spurs, was found in the loft of his Banbury home in October. He hanged himself. No suicide note was left. Allegedly, according to those close to him, he had no history of anxiety or depression.

Gary was also well known to also be a huge fan of fishing as well as of the popular band Guns ‘n’ Roses.

The coroner in this case said that while there was no note left by Gary, there happened to be enough evidence that Gary likely intended to end his own life.

The coroner also added that there was any evidence the act of suicide was a cry for help. It was a final act, and there was evidence he was upset about the breakup with his long-term girlfriend.

A service celebrating the man’s life was held in November at Banbury’s St. Mary’s Church. Service attendees attending wearing Spurs and Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirts, and they were also sporting fishing hats. He was described in his obituary as a loving son, stepson, and brother. He had three sisters named named Lindsay, Sandra, and Pauline. Also, he was apparently a devoted uncle to two nieces named Kirsten and Kayla.

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The ex-girlfriend in this story, Kate, was mentioned in the obituary. He was described as a devoted best friend and partner to her.

One of his friends, Craig Clark, said on social media that Gary was one of the “good ones”. A lot of friends and loved ones posted tributes to the man online.

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Another person who knew him, Kelly Louise Pawley, said that Gary was one of the “nicest blokes” she had ever met, calling him kind, soft, and gorgeous.

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Julia Kybert Stoddard described Gary as a lovely person, recalling how her mother would take her, Gary, and other friends on long walks during the summer. They would always end up at a stream, and Gary would bring his fishing equipment. Apparently, he is the one that taught Julia to fish. She too called him “gorgeous”, adding that the situation is “awful”.

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We do not know what prompted the breakup, but Gary was clearly distraught.

Suicide has been in the news a lot lately; we’ve reported on several people who have been upset enough to take their own lives. Men actually succeed at taking their lives far more often than women, accounting for three quarters of suicide deaths.

As of 2015, the most common form of suicide in the United Kingdom is hanging. There were over 6,600 suicides in the United Kingdom that year, and the highest rate was for men in their early 40’s.

There are resources available for those considering suicide. A simple internet search can get people the help they need. There’s an organization called the Samaritans in the United Kingdom who offer confidential support. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the United States can also be called 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calling that hotline puts people in touch with a trained crisis counselor who can assist those struggling with the idea of taking their own lives.

We don’t exactly what Gary was thinking in his final hours, and there’s no point in speculation. We can only hope that his family and friends are slowly recovering from the shock of losing a relatively young man who was clearly quite liked by those who knew him well.

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Written by Kevin Barrett

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