Home Owner Fought Off 5 Machete-Wielding Robbers Using Martial Art Skills

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We must warn you that there is some graphic content below. If you can’t take the sight of blood spilled all over the place, you better skip some of the photos.

David Pugh is a 55-year-old from Solihull, West Midlands. The sales manager was probably quite surprised—to say the least—when five men broke into his home armed with machetes, golf clubs, and baseball bats.

But the robbers were probably even more surprised, as Mr. Pugh singlehandedly defeated all of them and forced them to escape the scene.

The thieves were after money; they immediately attacked David’s son, 17, and their 5-month-old Rottweiler pup named Zeus.

Image Source: SWNS

Apparently the robbers had no idea that David Pugh was an expert in martial arts, and he leaped forward the second he saw them. He put all his knowledge into the fight with the masked thugs, armed with absolutely nothing—except his fists.

The whole fight continued about 10 minutes, after which the gang fled the scene with empty hands and probably in a lot of pain.

After he was done with them, the lone injuries he suffered were a broken nose and some cuts on his face, which is unbelievable.

David stumbled across the masked robbers around 3 a.m. on the 13th of February (Tuesday). They were standing at the top of the stairs in his house. As he described the situation himself, upon seeing them attack his boy and the little pup, his instincts kicked in.

The rest is history.

He said that he heard a loud noise around 3 a.m. and that was the sound of them smashing in the door; however, he did not realize it immediately, guessing that the dog may have knocked something down.
However, he got out of bed—and before he could reach for the door, the men kicked it in. What he saw next is a group of masked men, shouting that they wanted money. He immediately initiated a fight, hitting them with whatever he could get his hands on, like chairs and aftershave containers. David got hit several times on the head with the thugs’ weapons, and he had a hard time getting close to his son’s room, as he was literally bleeding all over his body.

His guess is that upon seeing his state, the thugs must have realized that they were not going to get any money and that the robbery went too far, and that is why they left. David is certain that he and his family got lucky in regard to the outcome of the situation.
David Hugh talks about what he went through in this video:

David, his boy, and the pup are rather traumatized after what happened to them.
Apparently Zeus also got injured after he was hit on the head. The scared little dog ran outside, then fell into the canal near David’s garden and ended up hypothermic.

Zeus was found by a canoeist named Andy, who took him to the Birmingham Dogs Home, where the pup was warmed up and dried. When David and his son left the hospital, they picked up Zeus and got him to a veterinarian to stich his wound.


David also mentioned that the police officers told him it was one the most aggressive attacks they had ever seen.

Apart from not actually stealing anything, the thugs caused a great deal of damage—all the doors and also door frames are shattered, and all the cupboards and places they could search through fast are also damaged.

David’s son was hit a couple of times, but he got away with a badly bruised arm and a swollen knee.

The experience of that night still haunts the family even though several days have passed. As David says himself, he will probably not have a good night sleep for a long time to come, as he is worried that such a thing might happen again.

The scariest part for him was that you should not expect such a thing to happen while you are in the comfort of your own home.

The West Midlands Police spokesman said that they were alerted about the burglary at 3:09 a.m. and they headed for the address in Lugtrout Lane in Catherine de Barnes. They were notified that a few men have broken into a private property and attacked the residents.

The officers managed to arrive nine minutes later at the address. All of the houses on the block have been checked and the occupants enquired; also, the CCTV footage is currently being examined. Various items have been taken for further forensic analysis.

The investigation would probably give an idea about who was behind the attack, but the good thing is that David, his boy, and the pup survived the horrific attack.

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