How I Fell For A Secret Millionaire



This photo became widely popular circling the web but it doesn’t seem to be real. However, there is an actual story this photo is based on. It happened in the United Kingdom several years ago but the circumstances were quite different. Read for yourself.


The Real Story:



When Lisa from Essex, England, now 42, met Joe Johnson she was going through a hard time. She had divorced her husband recently and was working at a cafe to support herself and her young son Alfie. Joe quickly became a regular client at the cafe and he and Lisa started chatting every day. They had such a nice time so Joe decided to ask her out for a meal. Lisa was aware that Joe was not a wealthy guy but she was surprised to find out he was as broke as she was. He came to pick her up in  really wrecked car, wearing shabby clothes and he took her to a cheap noodle bar.

However, Lisa and Joe seemed to have a lot in common so they started dating. Lisa was always helping out with half of the bill but she didn’t mind : she was really happy to have found such a wonderful and loving person as Joe. Even though he was some 20 years older than her, she felt there was a real connection between them. Joe introduced her to his family and three children, which he raised all by himself, and things seemed to be going really great between them. Shortly after their first Christmas together Joe asked Lisa to marry him and she happily accepted. He proposed with a $300 worth ring but for Lisa it was worth everything in the world.

Just before their wedding Joe decided to come clean and tell Lisa the truth: he was actually a millionaire. He won $16 million from the lottery back in the 1980s and owned several luxury homes, a fleet of expensive cars as well as his own business. At first, Lisa was petrified : she couldn’t believe all this time Joe had been lying to her and felt betrayed. But Joe had a really good reason to lie to her : a couple of years before he met Lisa he was in a relationship with another woman; he thought they were in love and the woman really cared for him so he proposed with a $300,000 worth diamond ring. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as he expected : the woman left him but, of course, she kept the ring. After this sad turn of events Joe decided he had to find a woman that would love him for who he was and not because of his money. He went to unbelievable lengths trying to hide the truth from his girlfriend, but in the end it was all worth it because he was 100 % certain in Lisa’s feelings for him. The couple married in an expensive beach resort soon after the truth was revealed. Lisa states now she realizes why Joe was forced to hide the truth from her and is happy that all worked out between them.


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