Hugh Jackman Will Most Likely Return As Wolverine In Marvel Universe

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For the past year or more, Hugh Jackman has been pretty adamant that Logan would be his final act as the character he is most loved for, Wolverine. He might be changing his tune, as it has been hinted at that he’s now thinking of reprising the role once again.

Actor Sebastian Stan recently spoke to Jackman about Wolverine at a Comic-Con event.

Stan is the actor who portrays Bucky Barnes, who is Captain America’s best friend, now a seriously twisted assassin. He is set to have a larger role in the newest flick, Avengers: Infinity War.

Stan was at Comic-Con with Chris Evans (Captain America) and Anthony Mackie (the Falcon) when he ran into Hugh and spoke to him.

He said he just happened to be sitting near him and brought it up because he couldn’t think of anything else to talk about with the star. He hinted that Jackman said a few things to him concerning Wolverine, but he didn’t go into detail about what was said, exactly. He said he’d just leave it at that. He continued that saying anything more would land him in some trouble.

Sebastian also said he asked specifically if Jackman really thought Logan would be the last Wolverine project for him, and he replied that it’s been on his mind, and he has been thinking about it.

Right before the new year began, Disney bought the film rights for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. They also already owned Marvel Studios.

Speculation is that now that Fox doesn’t own them, both teams will likely be featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future.

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor has also said he wants to convince Jackman to stay in the role.

He was recently asked which character he would love to see in the MCU, and he answered with Wolverine. He said he really just loves the character, as well as Hugh Jackman. He continued that even though he died in the last movie, they could bring him back to life.

Hemsworth went on to say that he would call Jackman and try to coax him back to put his on his claws again.

When Jackman took on the iconic role in 1999, he was virtually unknown to American audiences. That was good in many ways, he was a fresh face with no negative connotations coming into the film, which was destined to become a franchise from the start.

However, as with any new actor infiltrating the sacred world of comics characters, the fans are sometimes hard to win over. Jackman definitely did that. He is one of the most beloved characters despite not being mainstream such as Spider-Man, Superman, or Batman. Even those unconvinced with the first film cannot picture anyone else in the role now.

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Jackman is Wolverine. The character and the actor are one. That’s how well he has done with the part.

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In an interview last year, Jackman did say that had the possibility of The X-Men franchise being included with the MCU been a thought when he was deciding whether or not to hang up his claws, it might have made a difference. Here we are a year later, with that reality, so there is hope, yes?

After nearly two decades and 9 films, the fans are still very much into the character and the actor who has always portrayed him. Many say they can’t imagine anyone else in the role of Wolverine besides Hugh Jackman.

While many would love to see Wolverine on the big screen again and again, others argue that Logan was a beautifully fitting end for the enormously popular character.

While Fox was never able to negotiate a deal for a crossover featuring the X-Men, now that’s not an issue. The man himself said it might have made a difference, so now we will just have to wait and see if he and the studios can make the fandom happy with more Wolverine and the only man they could picture playing him.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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