If You Use Mouthwash Three Or More Times A Day, You Can Get Oral Cancer

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According to one of the most recent scientific research studies conducted in the United Kingdom the frequent everyday use of mouthwash could be actually bad for your health. It was proven that the heavy usage of different types of commercial mouthwashes leads to the development of a variety of oral cancers.

Basically, if your rinse your mouth more than 3 times per day with a mouthwash you increase greatly the risk of developing a deadly throat or mouth cancer.

The dentists recommend regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing instead of using sometimes toxic mouthwashes. According to the study conducted among 2,000 frequent users from 13 different countries there was also a distinct increase of excessive mouthwash usage among heavy drinkers and smokers. People use mouthwash to mask the smell of alcohol and tobacco which leads to the development of the deadly cancers. Dentists recommend you simply use the mouthwash based on the description provided by the manufacturer.

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On the other end people with poor mouth hygiene are also at risk of developing mouth or throat cancer. Smoking cigarettes and regular drinking of alcohol also increases the risk of getting cancer.

Scientists have proven than using a breath refreshing mouthwash three or more time a day (24h) is increasing the risk of getting oral cancer by 9 times in current smokers, because the alcohol in the mouthwash helps cancer-causing substances to permeate the moth-lining easier. So, their advice is simply to brush the teeth with fluoride toothpaste and soft toothbrush and using mouthwash only if prescribed by a dentist. Regular dentist checkups are recommended as well.

It’s also very important to note that Scientists didn’t find any health risk of using mouthwash one or two times a day.


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