Immigrants Provoke Trump By Climbing Border Wall Into The United States

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After the US President used Twitter to discuss enforcing immigration laws, at least one migrant has climbed a barrier designed to prevent access to the United States.

This is only days after President Trump—after tough talk on immigration throughout his presidency—signed a proclamation that will send National Guard troops to the United States’ southern border in an effort to secure it.

The signing of this proclamation occurred after President Trump did not get as much funding for the proposed border wall as he would have liked.

One man actually hopped over an existing barrier recently. He did so on April 6th with the assistance of three other men. The metal barrier being discussed in this case is located between Sunland Park, which is in New Mexico, and Ciudad Jaurez, which is in the country of Mexico.

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One person was on lookout duty, and two other men boosted the migrant, which made it possible for him to climb over the rusty barrier. The whole thing took about two minutes. As soon as the young man was over the barrier, he hurried into American territory, trying to avoid being noticed by US Customs officials.

He disappeared into the desert, running towards houses that were barely visible in the distance.

One of the men who helped the migrant climb the barrier spoke out regarding the situation and also explained why he assisted. He said that the young migrant could not get over it and was, as he put it, ”taking forever”. He also said that he had seen people climb the wall, which is 20 feet high, in just one minute.

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Recently, on April 1st and 2nd, President Trump tweeted about news reports regarding 1,000 migrants in a caravan crossing into Mexico and on their way to the United States.

President Trump wrote that border patrol agents can’t do their job properly because of liberal (in other words, democrat) laws, such as catch and release. He said it is becoming more dangerous—“caravans” are coming.
Republicans, he said, must embrace the “nuclear option” in order to pass stricter laws, adding there should be not be a DACA deal.

The President went on to tweet that Mexico is essentially doing nothing to stop people traveling into Mexico at its southern border and then journeying on to the United States. He also said that they mock the US’ immigration laws.
He said that Mexico needs to stop the flow of drugs and people, or he will stop NAFTA, which he described Mexico’s “cash cow”. He reiterated that he thinks a proper border wall is needed immediately.

Trump claimed in his tweets that Mexico actually has the power to stop caravans of people from entering their country and then traveling to the US. They have border laws that work, President Trump said, whereas the United States does not have effective laws.

Trump finished his series of tweets by saying that Congress must pass border legislation and must do so immediately. He advised using the “nuclear option”, if necessary. He said that the border patrol agents and ICE (The United States’ Immigration and Customs Enforcement) are “great”; however, he added that existing laws do not allow them to properly do their jobs. He described the laws as “weak”.

He told Congress to act now, because the country is being stolen.

When Trump ordered thousands of National Guard troops to the nation’s southern border, activists related to the aforementioned caravan made it known that migrants will be splitting up; they will not be attempting to reach the border as a group.

Many from the caravan are still in central Mexico; others have made it to the border.

Javier Calvillo, who is a priest that runs a shelter in Ciudad Jaurez for migrants, said that five members of the caravan arrived at the shelter in the past week, but they are gone already. They crossed into the United States, or they at least attempted to do so.

As mentioned, President Trump said that there should be no more DACA deal. DACA refers to an immigration policy that allows certain people—who were brought to the United States illegally when they were children—to become eligible for a work permit as well as a period of deferred action from deportation.

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