In 500 Million Years There Will Be No More Total Eclipses Due To The Fact That The Moon Is Drifting Farther Away

In 500 million years from right now we won’t be experiencing more solar eclipses, since the Moon is actually drifting further away from our planet.

The reason for a total solar eclipse is simple – it occurs when the Sun and Earth are as far away as possible, while the Moon and our planet are as close as possible. In other words, this phenomenon makes the Moon seem as though it’s larger than the sky. If we have to be precise, the Moon appears to be a total of 4.6 % larger than our Sun, which causes the solar eclipse.

The distances between the Earth-Sun orbit and the Earth-Moon orbit frequently change. However, in order for the solar eclipses to fully disappear as a phenomenon, the Moon will need to become 4.6% more distant from our planet than it is right now. In other words, the Earth-Moon distance will actually need to increase by these numbers. It is bound to happen sooner or later. One astronomer, Dave Rothstein, has calculated that this occurrence will happen in about 500 million years from now.

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Since the Moon is actually drifting further away from our planet, it will become so distant in 500 million years, that it will appear smaller enough to not be able to “eclipse” our Sun. Rothstein has evaluated the 4.6% distance to be nearly 17,000km. However, the process of alienating will become slowed down over time. In fact, Rothstein also states that the process will stop at nearly 15 billion years. However, he also claims that this is impossible, because the Moon and the Earth probably won’t exist that further in time because of our Sun’s evolution into a fatal red giant star.

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