Did you know that an Indian couple is going to leave all their money to…


One Indian couple has decided to leave all their money to none other, but their pet monkey!


Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

It all started a decade ago when Shabista and Brajesh Srivastava, a married couple from Uttar Pradesh, India, decided to adopt a macaque and name it Chunmun. The couple’s families had disowned them and left them with absolutely no inheritance, because they were against the joint marriage of two people from different religions and nationalities. Mr. and Mrs. Srivastava, from Muslim and Hindu heritage, were left all alone.


However, shortly after they adopted the orphaned Chunmun in 2005, they started making money. The couple believes they owe their fortune and success to their domesticated monkey. And since the long-tailed animal, who’s currently 10 years old, will probably live up until he turns 40, the couple is going to leave all their money to him. According to the 45 year old Mrs. Srivastava, they wouldn’t be where they are now if it hadn’t been for their beloved pet monkey. In fact, she claims they don’t see him as a domesticated animal, but as their 10 year old son! The macaque monkey’s future will be secured by the trust fund the couple has already set up for him. He’s currently enjoying Chinese food while spending his time sipping tea in an air-conditioned room and Mr. and Mrs. Srivastava have made sure that he will still be able to enjoy everything he has now even after they pass away.

The couple admits many people claim they are mad and even ridiculous to be so deeoly fond of a monkey and to even see a primate as part of their family (let alone call him their son), but they don’t really care. They don’t have any children and they value Chunmun more than other people can imagine.


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