Indiana Parents ‘Told Children Best Way To Build A Family Bond Was Incest’

Image Source: Montgomery County Sheriff`s Office

A husband and wife from the state of Indiana were recently charged with several counts of both incest and molestation. These charges came about as a result of their alleged molestation of the woman’s three children. The molestation apparently occurred for several years.

Keylin Johnson, who is 52 years old, and Sheila Johnson, who is 44 years old, were arrested in late February in Lagoda. As of Wednesday morning, the two are being held the Montgomery County Jail on bonds of $50,000 each.

Both have been charged with over a dozen counts each of incest and child molestation.

In addition, Keylin is accused of the possession of child pornography. His wife is also facing a charge of bestiality, as she has been accused of having a sexual interaction with the family’s dog.

Back on February 25th, two days before the pair were arrested, Sheila’s 19-year-old son revealed the abuse to a friend, and the friend then went to law enforcement about the matter.

According to the 19-year-old man and his 17-year-old sister, the alleged abuse began back in 2012—just a little while after Keylin started to live with Sheila and the children. The alleged abuse would go on for five years while the family was moving around from one city to another.

According to a written statement, Keylin managed to convince the young man—now 19 years old—that incest was a normal way to live one’s life; Keylin also allegedly claimed that having intercourse with one’s parents—especially one’s mother—is the best way to build familial bonds.

Keylin also said that it is safer to have intercourse with one’s own family—rather than with strangers.

Sheila’s eldest child also made the claim that his mother was engaging in intimate relations with the family’s dog.
During the interview with law enforcement, the brother and sister expressed their concern for their young sibling, who is only 13 years old and living at the house with Keylin and Sheila.

The sister, who is 17, has been removed from the family household by the Department of Child Services.

Court records show that the 13-year-old told law enforcement investigators that her parents would do “gross” things. Those things included engaging in intercourse in front of the children and showing the child pornography.

Image Source: Montgomery County Sheriff`s Office

When interrogated by law enforcement, Sheila Johnson allegedly admitted to incest with two of her children, child abuse, and attempted bestiality. According to court records, the woman claimed that her husband is interested in sexual roleplay. He’s the one, she claims, that suggested ‘mother-son’ scenarios.

When interviewed by police, Keylin Johnson said that he was guilty of “internet porn” and also “other stuff”. He described himself as addicted to pornography. He also admitted to downloading—and saving—nude pictures of one of his wife’s kids.

A laptop and phone that allegedly belong to Keylin have been seized; they apparently contain explicit images of his 13-year-old stepdaughter.

The man apparently threatened his 13-year-old stepdaughter, saying that if she reported him to police, he would show law enforcement the explicit images—which would result in her mother going to jail.

Keylin Johnson’s trial is set for the 14th of August. He faces 18 charges. Sheila Johnson’s trial is scheduled to begin on the 31st of July of this year. She faces 17 charges.

Incest is defined as intercourse or intimate relationships between people so closely related that they would be forbidden to marry. It can occur in cases of people related by blood and also in those related by affinity (e.g., adoption, step-relatives, members of the same househould).

It is pretty much a universal taboo is this day and age; almost every current culture frowns on it. However, in the United States—as is the case with many forms of sexual assault—it is underreported. Studies have shown that current statistics regarding incest are probably inaccurate because survivors are hesitant to come forth due to shame, guilt, familial pressure, and fear.

Current research shows that close to 50 percent of children sexually assaulted in the United States are actually assaulted by a family member or someone in a trusted position. As a result, many victims don’t even know that what is being done to them is wrong.

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