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Did you know that Japanese students believe that koala …


For many decades people all around the world have been carrying around the belief of good luck charms like rabbit’s foots, four-leaf clovers, talismans and other forms of charms. However, the Japanese have shocked the world with their ideas of a good luck charm.

source: Internet
source: Internet

According to the United Press International, Japanese students are receiving extremely weird gifts for their upcoming college admission exams this year. Parents, grandparents and other family relatives are presenting the kids with koala droppings. According to the Japanese, the koala excrements bring good luck and will help the students through the exam sessions. Why? The Japanese hold a strong belief in the koala’s tenacity and dedication when it comes to clinging to one particular tree. Thus, the koala droppings symbolize the strength and dedication the students will have to put in the exams.


The strange presents come with a hand-written note and are considered as the best gift for an upcoming exam session in Japan.


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