Jason Redgrave, Convicted Baby Killer, Uses Fake ID To Get A Barman Job At Family Restaurant

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Convicted baby killer Jason Redgrave has been fired from a job he got with false information.

He used a fake identification card to procure a job at Damon’s restaurant with the name Dylan Cooper.

Some friends of the mother whose baby he killed saw him when he served their drinks and they immediately let it be known that he was lying about who he really was.

In 2011, Jason was babysitting and killed his six month old charge.

He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison. He served three, and was released in 2015.

Karly Hopson entrusted him to watch her child, Ethan, and he killed the innocent child by shaking and beating him to death.

Once he was spotted in the restaurant using a fake name, customers began to post online so everyone would know who he really was, a baby killer.

On TripAdvisor, a website where people can go to give reviews about businesses, whether they are good or bad, someone posted about Dylan Cooper is making drinks in this restaurant even though he murdered a baby.

The poster let it be known that they would not be returning to the establishment while “that monster” was still in its employ.

The restaurant terminated Redgrave’s job immediately upon learning that he had used a fake name and withheld who he really was.

Jason Redgrave, according to the prosecutors during involved with his trial, beat Ethan Hopson and shook him to his death because the infant’s crying hindered a text session with a man he was speaking with after being upset earlier.

He was allegedly upset because he had an argument with an ex girlfriend, who he had a three year old son with. She was going out for the night and didn’t disclose where she was going to be.

During the trial, the judge and jury heard all of the disturbingly horrible details of the baby’s death.

Ethan had bruising on his cheek, in between his eyes and his head. Four separate areas of blunt force trauma water observed on the baby’s body.

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The marks on his face matched with slap marks and there was at least one brain bleed. His eyes were also full of blood, consistent with trauma.

These findings led to the conclusion that Jason had shaken the child, and either struck the child with his hands or hit him on the head with something else.


Redgraves story is that he played with Ethan and then put him to bed. He said he then went downstairs to watch TV. He claims he heard Ethan scream, so he went upstairs to check on him.

Redgrave said he then picked the baby up and rocked him back to sleep. He said at about 10 PM he heard Ethan scream again, so he went upstairs to see about him again. He said he again settled Ethan and returned downstairs.

Around 10:45 PM, Redgrave claims he checked on Ethan for no reason other than to ensure he was okay, and that he found him lifeless.

When Karly arrived home that day, on December 17, 2011, she saw the horrific sight of an EMT attempting to revive her lifeless baby.

He was revived, but passed away on December 22, 2011, five days later.

The prosecutor pushed that Jason, then 25 years old, hailing from Grimsby, beat and shook this baby for interrupting a text conversation with his crying.

The jury acquitted Redgrave of murder and convicted him of the lesser charge of manslaughter instead.

Many might be wondering how he served so little time for killing a baby. In the United Kingdom, whenever an offender is sentenced to more than 24 months, they will serve half of it in prison and the rest of the sentence out of prison on licence, which is the equivalent of probation in the United States.

Image Source: Daily Mail

Regdrave was handed a sentence of eight years in 2012, with some time served awaiting trial after charges were drawn. So, when he was released in 2015, he had served four years in total, and would serve the rest on licence.

Being that there are conditions that must be followed, due to the fact that he’s still serving a prison sentence, using fake identification to get the job might be a violation of his licence. He could find himself back in prison because of it.

At the time of the killing, Hopson was involved romantically with Jason, which is why she trusted him to watch her baby.

The judge who heard the case, Sir David Clarke, said that to lose a baby is a tragedy and that it is worse when the mom and family have to speculate on what happened for the rest of their lives.

Ms Hopson said that she will always remember her son, Ethan, with a cheeky smile and great personality.

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