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Will Jean Claude van Damme divorce for the fifth time?
Everybody seems to love Jean Claude van Damme except his wives, apparently. The 54 year old Belgian actor has scored notorious figures not only in the titles in his filmography, but also among his ex-wives. The Universal Soldier actor might just get a fifth divorce!

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

“The Muscles from Brussels”, as his fans have dubbed him, was firstly wed to Maria Rodriguez in 1980. Their marriage, however, lasted only to 1984. A year after that Jean Claud married Cynthia Derderian, but divorced her in 1986.

In 1987 the actor married a fellow bodybuilder – Gladys Portugues, and the two of them were together up until 1992. That’s when they divorced and Jean Claude married actress Darcy LaPier, with whom he had been having an affair. LaPier and van Damme’s marriage lasted from 1994 to 1997 making this his fourth wife, fourth marriage and fourth divorce. In 1999 the actor remarried his third wife, Gladys Portugues. More than a decade and a half after the two remarried Gladys has finally filed another divorce from Jean Claude.

According to official reports, the bodybuilder filed the divorce papers earlier this March, although the couple has been separated and estranged for a long time. Portugues is residing in Los Angeles, while van Damme is reportedly living in Hong Kong, but the two of them were spotted holding hands back in January at LAX. The real reason behind Jean Claude’s fifth divorce is not clear, although his wife claims they have “irreconcilable differences”.


Gladys, who has two children with the 54 year old actor, also wants to dump his last name. Jean Claud also has a third child – a son named Nicholas – from his fourth wife Darcy LaPier.


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