Johnny Depp Is Returning To ‘Fantastic Beasts,’ And Fans Are Shocked

Just recently, we found out that the very anticipated sequel of “Fantastic Beasts”,”The Crimes of Grindelwald” should be coming to theatres in about a year. Understandably, fans were very excited by the news. but many were unhappy with Johnny Depp’s return to reprise his role as the main antagonist, Gellert Grindelwald.

Practically every “Harry Potter” fan was overjoyed when “Fantastic Beasts” came out, as it turned out to be a wonderful movie.


As a keen admirer of the movies, I too, was brimming with happiness as I watched Newt’s adorable smile in old-school New York.

The movie ended on a massive cliffhanger, with a scene where the true face of the antagonist of the series is shown-a silver-haired, snow-white-skinned Johnny Depp as the infamous Gellert Grindelwald.

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And now, with the news that the sequel, now called Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, will hit theaters on November 16th, 2018, I’m already counting the days until the premiere. I can’t wait to see Newt’s new adventure and I’m especially interested in seeing Ezra Miller’s performance as he is one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars. That, however, will be spoken about at another time.

Not everyone is as excited as me this time, with many fans disappointed in Depp’s return to the role of Grindelwald.

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“Why is everyone so upset?” was my initial reaction when I first noticed the frustration of other Potterheads until I found out that it was because of the accusations of domestic violence against the actor by his now ex-wife, Amber Heard.

According to “The Guardian” Depp allegedly threw a phone at his wife-at-the-time which hit her face and left a bruise. This, together with Depp’s fondness of alcohol, was too much for Amber to bear with so she filed for a divorce. As for the reason behind the flying phone, Heard had allegedly cheated on Depp, which made him upset with her. Johnny’s now-ex-wife has denied having cheated.

The #NotMyGrindelwald tag

Twitter users even created a hashtag “#NotMyGrindelwald” as a protest to Depp’s return to the movie. What the general opinion boils down to is that fans are unhappy to have an allegedly abusive actor present in the saga.

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