Jon Venables Claimed Being “Possessed by The Devil” When Killing James Bulger

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Their crime was truly shocking to anyone who learned of it. At the tender age of just ten, John Venables and Robert Thompson were arrested for killing a little boy, who was only two years old. They abducted the little boy from a shopping center in Bootle; they then tortured and killed him.

The boy’s name was James Bulger. This occurred in February of 1993.

According to media sources, Venables is now claiming he was possessed by the devil when he was younger.

It is believed that Venables revealed this to guards at his prison; he is awaiting sentencing due to allegedly possessing more than one thousand images of child pornography.

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An alleged source who has knowledge of the prisoner said that Venables is considered a complete “weirdo” by other prisoners—and they do not even know his real identity. Venables made the claim that he had been possessed by a demon or even the devil as a child, and that’s why he killed James Bulger.
According to the source, Venables has claimed that his memory of the killing of Bulger is fragmented. He can, so he claims, only recall it as a witness—not one who actively participated in the tragic killing of a small child.

The source believes it is actually all an act on Venables’ part, claiming that Venables is very manipulative.

As we’ve previously reported, Venables is back in jail due to criminal offenses regarding indecent images of children. He is likely to serve 40 months. He pleaded guilty to four counts.

Also, in 2010, Venables pleaded guilty and was then sent to jail for the downloading and distribution of child porn. The man also got into trouble in the law in 2008 due to a drunken brawl. For that incident, Venables got a formal warning.

Venables also managed to get in trouble later that year for possessing a minor amount of cocaine.
Venables, now 35 years of age, is believed to be on suicide watch in the prison at which he is incarcerated.

The mother of James Bulger—the little boy killed by Venables and his accomplice—has allegedly said that Venables has finally proved once and for all what a vile and perverted person he truly is.

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February 12th of 2018 actually marks the 25th anniversary of the death of James Bulger.


As we have reported, the murder of James Bulger was definitely horrifying in one of the worst possible ways. The little boy was actually laid upon train tracks by the boys who were convicted of killing him, resulting in a train cutting the little boy’s tiny body in half. James was probably dead before the train hit him, and it actually cut his body in two. The boy’s body was not located until he had been dead for two days.

It is also possible that there may have been a sexual element in regard to the murder of James Bulger; the underwear, socks, pants, as well as shoes of the two-year-old child had been removed.

That said, there’s really no truly clear reason why Venables and Thompson decided to target James Bulger; the pair had, however, been spotted observing children on the day Bulger died.

Venables and Thompson both ended up having to serve eight-year sentences for the death of Bulger. They were later released back in 2001, and they were given new identities; also, they were guaranteed anonymity.

Thompson and Venables were granted anonymity when released from custody because there was a sincere concern that their lives could be in danger as a result of their crime.

It is sort of baffling what Venables hopes to gain by claiming he is possessed by the devil; that said, he would not be the first criminal to claim that the devil made him or her commit a crime.
Apparently, blaming the devil for crimes is quite common in the state of Texas for some reason, and those crimes are often heartbreaking and also quite brutal.

One example of a crime in Texas that was blamed on the devil occurred back in 2016. A 20-year-old man confessed to killing a 13-year-old girl because he was frustrated over being single, and decided to shoot the 13-year-old after allegedly talking to the devil.

Another Texas man—who was 29 at the time of his crime—blamed the devil for his actions after being caught with his pants lowered while in the room with a relative, who was 4 years old.

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